Auto… Photo


I enjoy taking photos of myself. Not in the selfie kind of way. Well, yeah I take selfies, but it’s about playing different roles as the photo becomes. It’s not for anyone else; it’s for me, that little photo. I choose to share it with you, but only after I share it with myself first.

I play different parts in each photo session: I am the photographer, honing my gaze on an object of one kind of attraction or another to capture a sublime moment of joy, passion, contentment, even sadness. I am the model, contorting my body or sprawling over a surface to create a vision of beauty or repulsion or desire or… whatever else. I am the audience, whose gaze upon the photo usually leads to a smile, a giggle, a tear, or perhaps even a wandering hand. I also play the critic, whose calculating and cutting evaluation of my many imperfections always makes itself known. The fucker.

Each role engages a facet of me. And they come out to play together once in a while. It’s an experience that creates a sense of wholeness within and without. And if you introduce a mirror, or another reflective surface of some sort, into the session, it seriously doubles the whole that I become.

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