Just Us and a Mirror


When I’m alone… I’m never really alone. And I always have fun. Especially when mirrors are invited to my little parties. Mirrors are things I enjoy rather than fear.

Many women spend inordinate amounts of time in front of the mirror. But often for the wrong reasons.

They stare at their imperfections. Cursing them. Hating their bodies. Hating their own very essence. It’s true. It’s how we are taught to see ourselves. It’s heart-breaking.

But society is full of shit. It lies to us, ladies. It lies. All. The. Time. You see… we are perfect already. With our rolls, cellulite, unevenly sized titties, stretch marks and marks of other sorts, our luscious asses that jiggle when we walk, run… and fuck. We are perfect already. We have always been.

And we are beautiful. Our mirrors tell us every day how fucking delicious we are. We just need to start believing them… and not the lies we are fed from birth by society, by our families and friends, by other women, by men, by ourselves.

So start worshipping your own tastiness… in front of your biggest mirror… and un-tell yourself all of those lies.