A Nippy Day in the Woods


I love to snowshoe in the winter. It is a favourite nordic passtime that allows me to exercise in a way that does not feel like exercise, and to commune with Mother Nature. I am a witchy pagan type and a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) so regular communion with Nature is an imperative for optimal functioning.

Today, I discovered that I also like stripping out of doors…

And freezing my tits off…

For the sake of art. And if you are wondering… it was worth it. Obviously. I mean… you can see my smile, can’t you?

It was also worth the scare of thinking that a fellow snowshoer or snowmobiler might discover me… and get a free show.

Not that I am charging anyone to see this one….

But lucky for me, I did not get caught. Worse luck next time… perhaps… 😈.