Drawing Dalí


I have always been infatuated with Salvador Dalí. Well, at least since I was 14. My Dad gave me a freakishly incomprehensible art book about the man, and I fell in love. Dalí is one of my many soul mates, and his work impregnates my imagination like no other artist.

Lately, I have been experiencing an intense surge of creativity. As I was perusing another art book of his, I found this drawing and decided to try my hand. It is not perfect and I am no sketch artist, but it could be worse.

Something tells me to keep going, to keep studying and sketching. Creative explosions like the one in which I find myself are not to be taken for granted.

I have no plans of becoming a great artist, but I definitely plan on creating and experimenting with different forms for as long as I possibly can. It sure beats wallowing in self-pity and crabbiness.


6 thoughts on “Drawing Dalí

      1. Oh!!!! Lovely! I went to a fantastic Picasso exhibit up in my neck of the woods several months ago. It focused on the influence of indigenous artwork on his own work (masks, etc…). Picasso was a bit of an ass but he was a genius of his time. I will definitely come down to Florida one day to see some Dalí… and alligators!

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      2. I heard the same about Picasso, apparently he and Dali were friends so the showing at that time was how they each influenced the other. The Dali museum is well worth the trip and there are plenty of alligators to see as well.

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