Painting with Body Parts #6

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I was hit with a pretty bad bout of anxiety one day this past week. An activity that helped me purge the black tar shit of hell penetrating my mind was painting. Or in my case, paint play. Perhaps it was a bit of both.

To begin, I applied some water colour designs to a canvas in preparation for the next part which I would complete that night. Water colours are divine; I love watching the colours bleed into each other.

When I was satisfied with my design, I let it dry for a few hours.

When night arrived, it was time to play… and paint again. I pulled a mirror off the wall and got started.

Of course I took a few self-indulgent selfies because… mirrors!!!

Then out came the paint and the mess. I wanted fuschia but unfortunately I didn’t have any. So I opted for fiery colours. They suited my mood. I was feeling destructive and creative all at once. The goddess Kali was very much present for this art sesh.

It was probably around this moment that I discovered I have a paint fetish. Like I could totally be into paint play that leads to very messy fucking… on a massive canvas. God. Imagine the artistic possibilities. I am gushing at the very thought. But I digress.

After painting my breasts and my belly, I pressed myself into my canvas and transfered the demon-laced acid that was brewing inside of me onto it as well. You can imagine the relief.

This is a close-up of my fire belly. The impressed paint looks a bit like hands clawing towards salvation. Kind of like what my soul had been toiling towards all damn day long.

After I achieved the desired result, I continued to play with the paint.

This erotic, sensual, art-infused playtime was the perfect antidote to my anxiety. I could breathe better and my thoughts were no longer self-damaging. Ahhhhhh!

I can’t wait for the next session. I need more canvases and paint now!


21 thoughts on “Painting with Body Parts #6

  1. What an interesting combination of pictures. The images of you sitting facing the mirror are incredible. The images your body made on the canvas were very compelling and really captured my eye. You have such a powerful and creative imagination. I am already looking forward to your next posting. Your body is incredible but your mind is even more of a turn on.

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  2. Empress! This is absolutely gorgeous!! That is by far my favorite painting of yours so far. Even without reading the text, I can feel the powerful emotions in the art. I love this idea… I’m starting to think I need to replenish my art supplies as well. Thank you for that, the inspiration. πŸ’•

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    1. You must!!!! Or get a really big canvas, slather each other in paint, and fuck all over it. Then frame it, put it on your wall, have a dinner party and scandalize your guests when you tell them how you made it. 🀘🀘🀘

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  3. J’adore! TrΓ¨s beau! Et j’ai vΓ©cu cela en tant que doigts et “peintre”, ce jour lΓ …:
    Avec de l’argile de couleurs,
    Et trouver la “Femme des Origines”….
    C’est le bolg du photographe, ce n’est ni mon blog ni le blog de Louka….
    Nous avons travaillΓ© ce projet quelques moi, Louka et moi….. Le photographe a fait le “reste”, le plus important: les photos…
    Merci pour votre beau projet!

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  4. C’est avec grand plaisir que je suis revenu ce matin,

    Je viendrai encore, dans le jour,

    Et dΓ©couvrir, et vous dire, les ressentis, les impressions,


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