Erotic Poetry

I can imagine her now, in my pink-hued fantasy.

She towers over me like an ebony Amazon,

gyrating her wide feminine hips as she lip-syncs

To some cliché sex jam.

She lowers her face to mine, her eyes smouldering as she brushes her lips across my own,

Careful not to kiss.

But I can tell she wants to.

And I do too.

But we don’t kiss. That’s not allowed.

She turns around in time with the music and lifts her tight black skirt, exposing a perfectly sculpted ass of soft polished satin, the colour of hot cocoa… and just as warm to the touch.

She tells me to slap it.

Hard. Harder. HARDER, BABY!

I do. Reluctantly.

We both giggle because I couldn’t hurt a fly, and it shows.

I just want to touch her.

Smell her.

I would taste every part of her if I could. I would spend all night doing just that. Until my jaw unhinges, and we both cannot annuniciate words anymore.

I want to feel her energy meld with mine.

I want to make her cum.

All over my fucking face.

But at that moment, she just dances for me. Only me.

I slide my fingers around her hips and pull her towards me so that her round booty is pressed against my expectant crotch.

“Grind on me, sweet girl,” I tell her.

And she does. Enthusiastically.

She leans back to whisper dirty exclamations into my ear, and every hair follicle perks as my clit swells and hardens. My hands travel up her torso until they find her glorious fleshy orbs. I twist and pull her nipples, making her issue the slightest accidental moan.

“Mmm… I wish I could take you home and make my husband watch as I eat you whole,” I rasp into her ear as she turns to straddle me.

She presses her pillowy breasts into my face, and her perfume and the musky secret scent emanating from her sweetest spot intoxicate me as I glide my hands down her back, her waist, back over her hips to her delicious ass. I hold her to me and temporarily forget my name.

“The song is over, honey,” she says as she dismounts and re-adjusts her skirt.

And I am left wanting more and more and more.


This was inspired by the first lap dance I ever got from a stripper. She was the most stunning woman at the club. I still get off thinking about her.


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