Painting with Body Parts #8: Gold Dust Woman Edition

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Time for yet another exciting body part art session!

I was shopping at an arts&crafts shop yesterday, and found these well-priced paints. They are for kids but they are washable and non-toxic which is important for my purposes.

As soon as I saw the gold, I knew I had to have it on me. And the purple would compliment it nicely in some capacity.

Time to strip. Because things are about to get just a little messy.

I sponged on some aqua and white onto my canvas, and dragged blue and purple across it with my hair. Why the fuck not? I didn’t feel like using a paintbrush, and I was going to take a shower later anyway, so… YOLO (yes… I just said “YOLO”… *eye roll).

This was fun. It made me feel like a little kid. So I know I was healing some deep inner child shit right then. I was healing that part of me that was afraid to take risks and be a little weird, the part afraid of failure and rejection.

This next part is the part I have been waiting for… and the experience did not disappoint. The texture of the gold paint was quite exquisite. Silky and viscous. It spread like soft butter across my skin. Divine ejaculate.

I am so glad I discovered this little fetish because it is tremendously satisfying. I also get to create something truly unique: an experience of healing through creative expression, and a painting.

It is a very primal experience, smearing paint all over my naked body and then pressing it into a canvas. It is very intimate. And vulnerable. And deeply expressive. It is like making love… or fucking (depending on my mindset).

It is also a profoundly cathartic experience. The paint produces a gateway upon my body through which the bothersome and pent-up energy trapped inside me can just leave.

The paint is more than an art material; it becomes a conduit for the stuckness, and transmutes it when it is impressed upon an external surface.

This isn’t just art, it is an act of healing and release.

And I like how it looks on the canvas.

It is called Gold Dust Woman. Because that’s the song that popped into my head when I saw the paint on the shelf.



Of a woman

Black widow



She’s a dragon

Gold dust woman

Woman, woman

~ Stevie Nicks ~


16 thoughts on “Painting with Body Parts #8: Gold Dust Woman Edition

  1. Honestly, I don’t know what was more arousing, seeing your photos and how your breasts looked covered in good, or reading your words describing the act of painting your flesh. Regardless of which, you are definitely a work of art and I am definitely aroused.

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  2. Hi TJ,
    A lot to popped into my mind when I saw the images. You are very creative but the way the gold paint looks on you is second to none. As always, I am left looking forward to your next offering. Truly impressive and your husband is a very lucky guy to be able to get a closer look at you….

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  3. Practicing any art is always liberating. And I understand the pleasure you take in painting your body. You’re very beautiful, but I don’t know if you still believe that. The relationship a woman has with her body is so complex…

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    1. Very complex indeed. Tonnes of social programming gets in the way of happiness. Some of us are lucky enough to be able to de-program. 😊 All people should be able to derive genuine pleasure from their relationship with themselves. That is the hope at least…. ❤❤❤

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