Beloved Vincent

Weird Poetry

I recently watched At Eternity’s Gate, and during a scene in which Van Gogh is luxuriating in a moment of communion with nature, I found myself furiously typing out a poem inspired by the artist as well as the artist portraying him in the film (Willem Defoe). I love Willem. And I love Vincent.

My sweet Vincent, as vulnerable as a peeled grape, with nothing to protect your delicacy and God-infused nectar from the hunger pangs of the harsh starving world.

My darling Vincent, with your plush soul and all-feeling heart. You were meant for generations to come, to make us see what truly surrounds us, a reality that shatters all dull static matrices.

You were meant to rend the steel bars of our self-imprisonment from their adamantine grip on our blind, grey-scale minds, to insert colour, shape and form seen only by those from the Light.

My love Vincent, may we one day meet at eternity’s gate, and walk through our vast, infinite landscape hand-in-hand, seeing and hearing all that is, seen and unseen, heard and unheard.

Together we will bathe the world in the blanket of your sky-peeled eyes.

Art credit: Olive Grove, Vincent Van Gogh (June 1889)

4 thoughts on “Beloved Vincent

  1. Fantastic poem, TJ. I really liked the imagery and metaphors used in the 3rd stanza. How you talk about the adamantine grip on self-imprisonments. Great imagery.

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    1. Thanks. I was thinking about how free his imagination was. Being a little unhinged mentally served his art and vision well. Whereas “mentally stable” people with a grip on so-called reality are completely contained by their logical rigid belief systems about the world and how it is. He was so connected to nature and that granted him a freedom not afforded to the disconnected many.

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