More Practice: 3D Solids


Not simple at all. I am still not satisfied, and it isn’t quite finished but that just means I get to try again and again and again. I need to work on more lines I think.

Shading and values are a challenge. But I don’t give up easy. Even though a dark little voice in my head tells me I suck and that I shouldn’t waste my time and energy. That I will never amount to anything artistically. I know that this is the evil side of my ego trying to vanquish the growing light of my soul.

I will find the light, and it will help with shading.

I am all over the place. Just attempting to sketch whatever feels right. I do need to stop forcing my hand and loosen my grip. Too much control results in loss of control.

Not sure what’s next. More lines and solids, and perhaps a trial at a hand… but more of a hand anatomy study. I love things to look forward to.


One thought on “More Practice: 3D Solids

  1. Anything worthwhile takes time to master. You’re doing fabulously with what you are doing, and you’re right, sometimes too much control leads to a loss of control. Enjoy it for what it is… a creative expression of yourself.

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