Painting with Body Parts #9: UFC Edition

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*** This post is a little heavy. ***

This past weekend, I made another art piece. Or in my case… an art therapy piece. I felt it brewing within me all week.

It was a very rough week. I do not want to say what I do as a career on this blog, but you must know that it is very challenging work that is not for the faint-hearted. There is a real risk of injury at the hands of those with whom I work, and that truth has been very much confirmed for me time and again. Last week was a motherfucking doozy.

I did not endure any major physical damage, but enough for people to take notice.

I primed my canvas in lead and gold to represent the divine alchemy taking place within me. This has been a process since birth, I suppose. For you, me and everyone. The prime is basically Me in real time.

Truthfully, I felt sullied after last week. Hence the figurative bloodshed that ensued next.

A digression: Keep in mind that I am a highly sensitive individual, so I feel things very deeply. What is business as usual for one person is downright disturbing for me. Not because I am weak but because life can feel like I am mainlining an electrical power grid half the time. And no, I am not talking about sexually… pervs… but more in regards to my central nervous system.

I feel hard, I absorb other people’s energy, and I process every frickin’ thing around me. And I need tonnes of hermit time daily to decompress and feel like me again. Digression complete.

After allowing the canvas to dry overnight, I scratched it in vermillion with my tresses.

It looked pretty cool, but it needed more “blood”, and it had to be applied with other parts of my body that had been harmed, namely hands and chest.

If I had enough paint, a big enough canvas and a private work space, I would have bathed in red and thrown myself at the canvas until it resembled a gory atrocity.

I like to keep things light and fluffy up in here. Obviously.

But seriously, making these art pieces and purging negative experiences is far better than bottling it all up.

This is called, “That Fucking Hurt”.

There will be a sequel in the near future.


2 thoughts on “Painting with Body Parts #9: UFC Edition

    1. Thank you. I actually considered adding real blood to the painting but I figured I had endured enough pain, bloodshed and bruising for one week… lol I have to laugh about it…. Making this kind of art is what was missing from my life… a creative channel for my abundant energies.

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