Painting with Body Parts #10: Good Vibes Edition

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The last couple of paintings (energy imprints…?) I did were pretty heavy duty. I knew that another one was brewing but it felt lighter, happier.

The colours had to be different. No more fire and burning. No more blood and rage. A shift occured after the last one.

The stuck energy wasn’t clearing from my lower two chakras (Root – safety and security; Sacral – emotions) this time, but from my Solar Plexus (yellow- personal power), Heart (green – Love) and Throat (blue – expression) chakras.

The silver stands for Spirit, and my connection with the Divine.

As always, applying the paint was very satisfying in a primal way. It always feels like I am opening a door to somewhere deep inside of Me.

I pressed different parts of my painted body onto my little canvas, transferring any stuck energy from those chakras to the external surface provided.

I was so silent. Normally, I may laugh or speak to myself (yes, I do this a lot), but this time there was a quiet radiance that enveloped me as I connected to the paint, the surface, to myself, to Spirit.

I did this while Hubs watched Dr. Strange in the background. I could have been surrounded by throngs of on-lookers and it would not have distracted me as I was in a bubble of creative expression and energetic release. It was as liberating as it was glorious.

I finished it off with some paint ejaculate… like the icing on the cake. Spurts of joy, love and open, unfiltered expression.

This is called “Joy Ejaculation”.

I wonder what the next one will be like…. I feel pink is on the horizon….


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