Sketching: Back to Basics


I am going back to sketching/drawing basics, and working on shapes and forms for the forseeable future. I still have issues with the seemingly simple circle, and need much work on understanding light and value.

So along with shading practice, my companion assignment is to work on shapes and forms… and nothing else. Freehand. No ruler.

If I want to develop my technical skills and eventually include my imagination in my drawings, I need to know how to draw the most basic shapes and forms: circle/sphere; square/cube; rectangle/cylinder.

My skills have improved a lot since I picked up the pencil in March, but I have a much longer way to go.

YouTube tutorials are boss. I am currently working my way through this one.

I am very excited. And so is this sphere, apparently. I walk away for one minute, and Hubs added a phallus… because why not.


3 thoughts on “Sketching: Back to Basics

  1. You’re definitely coming along nicely in your sketches. You’re right, YouTube tutorials can be a fantastic tool to learn from. I’ve often had to go through several though to find someone that can teach as well as do. Some aren’t worth my time, but many are. The phallus addition though…lol. Why not?

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