Painting with Body Parts #11: Fun in Fishnet Edition

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Earlier this week, the energy in regards to my “paintings” had shifted once again… from healing to… how shall I put this lightly?… kinky. I was lounging on my papasan chair (fave chair ever!), and through my inner eye, I saw a flash of imprinted fishnet on canvas, and I knew what needed to be done. The desire to don my fishnet body sleeve, and to engage in some paint play came upon me following this salacious stroke of inspiration.

Sometimes when I am home alone, opportunities to explore uninterrupted can present themselves. I am learning the value in going along with these sweet little urgings… even if the urgings aren’t entirely sweet. Like this one.

I didn’t have the exact colours I wanted, but I made do. Neon pink, red and gold it is! Ever the optimist (I try…), I just see this as an excuse to re-live the experience in the near future.

I didn’t take many photos this time around. Too messy to fiddle with a camera. I tried to live in the moment.

This one is called “Fishnet Firebrand”.


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