Painting with Body Parts #12: Spectral Boob Imprints

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A weekend in the country usually brings with it a painting session. This weekend was no different.

I knew that I wanted to do something on a black background. With neon colours. Because I was feeling kinda… neon. Sometimes one just feels a little brighter, a little MORE, than usual.

I pulled down my mirror because it is more fun to pour and slather paint all over my body when I can do it along with my reflection. It also makes me feel like I have company. I don’t care if that makes me seem pathetic. I really do enjoy my own company; we are best friends.

Art-making is never just art-making for me, as I have mentioned before. It is a Party-for-One with wine, candlelight, music and tonnes of giggles. Maybe it’s more of a romantic and kinky date, now that I think about it. Unless there are negative emotions and experiences in need of purging…. Then there might be some crying… or anxious sighing in the very least.

This time, the only sighing that took place was the completely satisfied/aroused kind.

I primed the canvas in black, and allowed it to dry.

I played before the mirror in the mean time.

When the canvas was mostly dry, I started pouring neon paint in pink, blue, yellow and green over my breasts. This was the first time that I had an explicitly sexual response to the paint. All others times it was expressly sensual. This time… my nether regions were… ummm… swirling sacral chakra energy.

The next time I do this I will not take a single picture so that I can completely absorb the experience rather than document it. Documenting has its purpose as the process is very much a part of my art, but sometimes it takes away from being present… and that is something I need to do more… every day.

Anyway, this part was my favourite. My fetish metre (is there such a thing) was through the roof.

I took photos of the impression process but believe it or not, they are just a little too intimate to share. There is something very sacred about that part of my process that to display it might rob it of its power. So y’all can just imagine it instead.

I am not quite sure how this image came to be. It looks like spectral fetal twins or something you might see on a Sigur Ros album cover. It looks like I might have two people living inside of me. Makes sense because that is how I often feel. Or like an alien. It’s is usually one or the other on any given day.

Regardless, I really like what came out of me.

These imprints are kind of like full body tea leaf readings… with paint rather than tea leaves. Think I can use them as a divination tool? Come one, come all to Empress TJ’s School for tarot and body paint imprint readings! It could happen. This must be a thing somewhere out there. If not… I may have something here.


2 thoughts on “Painting with Body Parts #12: Spectral Boob Imprints

  1. I really like the end result, and I agree the process is definitely more intimate than you probably need to share. Besides, I actually prefer the sensual way that you describe it…emotionally and physically.

    oh, and I must admit, the photo of the neon paint running across your breast, brought to mind the image of different color hot wax.

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