Reefer Madness

Weird Poetry

Sticky sweet reefer, coating my hands in resin as I crush a nug between my nimble fingers.

Dump it on a rollie and seal it with a lick and some love.

Pose for a badass “Lookit me I smoke weed making me badass” selfie.

Spark it. Toke it. Hold it in. Exhaaaaaaale! Ahhh!

Fuck yass! Ok, let’s play now.

Happy Toke-It-Up Tuesday!


8 thoughts on “Reefer Madness

  1. It’s been 15 years since my last smoke (and more since my last weed smoke). I used to roll my cigarettes. I am still tempted. Sometimes. But I resist. So far.

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      1. In cases of the “weakness of my flesh” my Wife sometimes suggests to go and ask for a fag (I am invariably tempted only when I see people rolling. Not often, but it happens, in company or after a good meal or, yes after a good sex). The problem is, I know I would hate the first one, the third one would be so so and after two more I would be hooked again. That’s why I didn’t light a single cigarette (or cigar) in 15 years. I know people who also no longer smoke regularly but still smoke a cigarette or a joint here or there. I lack the discipline for such recreational smoking.

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