Painting with Body Parts #15: Sacred Spirit Edition

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I was feeling purple, and was feeling connected to the moon… which is no surprise as I live there much of the time, so I primed my canvas to reflect this.

I added just a touch of blue because… well… sometimes you feel a little blue too.

It’s ok to be complicated.

Sometimes I like to enjoy a moment of communion with myself and Spirit to ponder what approach to take for a particular piece.

Silver and gold seemed fitting. I am sure you can hazard a guess as to which tool I used to spread these colours about the canvas.

Paintbrushes are made of hair, aren’t they? Well, my paintbrushes are a part of me… literally.

The luminenscence of the moon dripped from my breast before I pressed into the field of silver and gold-laced purple.

This was a very fun piece to make that left me floating on a shimmering cloud of purple contentment.

This is “Purple Moon Giggle”. Happy moods make happy art.


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