Honey Pot

Erotic Poetry

Dip your fingers in my honey pot,

And you will see how sun-ensouled nectar drips from your digits like a viscous melody.

You will see my undulations beckon you to a second helping

Of unhinged longing and glee,

Long held captive by gates of goose-pimpled flesh and opaque black fibre.


7 thoughts on “Honey Pot

  1. my first thought when i read Honey Pot was of Winnie the Pooh.
    how quickly that changer as i a imagined my digits dripping of your nectar.
    and i tasted mine only to dream of you
    well done and yes i am wanting more
    i so love to be oral

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  2. Still sitting on the crowded train, trailing my fingers along the inside of your thighs.
    Pulling up the skirt to push the knickers aside.
    Dipping my fingers into the honey 🍯 pot, licking the sweet substance off my fingers as you get up and walk away.
    Looking down at the seat next to me the spilled honey glistening on the leathers surface.
    Greedily I bend down and lick the seat clean……..
    Happy Hump
    No hump on vacation, just humping I hope

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