The Magician


As a student of the way of the tarot, I tend to pull cards whenever I am called to do so. I can go weeks without touching them, then the messages flood in to get such and such a deck for a transmission from another dimension… basically.

Due to the fear I have been dealing with inside of myself as of late due to my current vocational circumstances, I needed my Rider-Waite deck for guidance… or rather, it needed me to receive its message for today. I pulled two Major Arcana which is highly auspicious… major messages that I must take seriously.

This is the poem the cards inspired…

The Devil came out first…

In reverse.

It urges me to take my power back from those who aim to possess it,

Whether it is their intention

Or not;

To unshackle my mind and soul

From the will of another to dominate it.

I am not the slave of Fear and Dread.

I am the Magician,

Holding all that I need

To stand in my Light and my Power,

Above and Below,

To never back down or cower in submission.

I am the Magician,

And I have a motherfucking sharp sword.

Thank the Mysteries it’s Friday….


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