Leather Belts


A thick leather belt has all sorts of interesting uses… most of which have nothing to do with holding one’s pants up.

This is one unintended use for a leather belt. I don’t know why I like being choked? Is there something wrong with me? Fellow kinksters… what’s up with that anyway?

And of course… there are other uses that involve stinging sensations that make me smile… and wince. Mmm….

I am definitely not a normal person.

Thank Spirit for that….


8 thoughts on “Leather Belts

  1. I’m not into severe choking, but definitely like having my throat gripped, and /or wearing a collar. I think for me it’s about relinquishing my control to my partner (I’m rather a control freak in my everyday life). Also feels a bit like him staking his claim on me.
    As for the stinging of leather etc on flesh, I’m totally with you there! I’m a hussy for a series of stinging smacks on my bum 😌

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  2. Whew…seriously HOT photo! πŸ”₯ Interesting discussion in the comments. I tend to agree that choking is a form of power play…dominance – submission, ownership, and perhaps a bit of erotic humiliation sprinkled in. Your photo of the belt does give the appearance of a collar and leash…maybe that taps into your submissive streak? 😈


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