6 thoughts on “Painting With Body Parts #20: Galactic Breasts Edition

  1. Mmmm, another great one. I cannot really say what exactly it is that make some of your body paintings stand out for me. One part is the combination of colors that somhow induces emotions. But there most be more to it, I am sure.
    As you can probably tell I am slowly going through your older posts, one month at a time. No rush… 😉

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      1. Oh, it’s my pleasure. You strike me as a person I would love to meet in person. Kind, a little nonconforming and crazy (in a positive way), a bit self-conscious (as I am), very sexy, sexual and not shy of kinkyness. My kind of girl! 😋😋

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      2. I subscribe to both those “qualities” as well, I know it can be trying for your close one. I definitely like to be alone at times, I value my private space. Nobody’s perfect, right?
        I know that you are much more than what you let us see online. But I like what I see. 😀

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