Dirty Tarot Card Pull: The Lovers


My tarot cards called to me this morning for a quick card pull to read my sexual energy at the moment. I used my erotically-charged Decameron deck.

The Lovers card flew out and landed right in my bra! Just kidding. It landed by my feet, but an erotic tarot blog post demands some titty action. So… here is some gratuitous titty….

This card does not necessarily have to be talking about a lover external to myself, despite the name; rather, for me, it alluded to the union of my own masculine and feminine energies, swirling around each other, much like the black and white of a yin yang symbol (and the black and white of the pussy cat).

It is about allowing my feminine side to trust and yield to my masculine side, which aims to guide and caress me through the various sensual and sexual playgrounds of my own internal erotic landscape. Allowing my feminine side to be submissive to the more commanding dominant masculine side that wants to take charge, to lead me where I need to go to fulfill my desires.

My feminine side has fantasies, some of which are dark and shrouded by the mysteries of my subconscious, still to be fully unearthed (as suggested by the cat) and maybe even a little pervy and exhibitionist (as suggested by the creepy voyeur behind the curtain).

But the feminine is relaxed and undaunted by her fantasies, whether they are shadowy, moderately kinky or plain vanilla, because her masculine is going to take her there with tenderness, connectivity and love.

That is how I am becoming with myself… like I am two people in one, masculine and feminine, both at once, in varying degrees.

The plants represent growth and abundance, and the nested circle patterns on the curtain might represent going inward for the marriage of these two energies. Or something like that. Just listening to my guidance….

I also adore how he worships her like she is the most precious creature in existence. That others may covet her but they could never possess her like he does. Their connection is unbreakable… just like the eternally-forged connection between my own masculine and feminine aspects.

It is really quite romantic, and I am blushing at the building tension occuring within me as I write this. As a matter of fact, it might be time for a little solitary sexual union… mmmm….

But alas, duty calls, so I/we will enjoy a date night this weekend… with paint and canvases.

Happy Friday!


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