Painting with Body Parts #24: Masculine/Feminine Edition

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I made this painting a couple of weeks ago. I was feeling my masculine and feminine energies melding together, demanding to be seen, to be felt, to be experienced. All inside of me.

It was almost like they were making love in a cozy aurora of violet and gold, nestled right inside of my core. Maybe it was my pussy… sometimes they feel like the same place.

The feeling was eternal.

Every photo I have taken of myself has been my masculine aspect loving on my feminine. I blush every day at this love story unfurling internally.

And I don’t expect anyone to understand. And I don’t need anyone to. It’s all on and in me to navigate this awakening process which carries both beauty and suffering in equal measure.

I felt this yin and yang vibe that even weeks later is still very much in my energy. Black and white seemed fitting: black for the feminine, white for the masculine. Negative/Positive. Dark/Light. Yielding/Penetrating. Reception/Provision. Submission/Dominance. Neither is better or stronger than the other. Both aspects fit like perfect puzzle pieces.


It was a veritable force of self-love and balance, a wooing of one aspect of another. Within me. And I can still feel it all, in my hands, in my belly, in my loins, in my sacred heart. I am swooning as I write this.

This is “Let’s Make Love Alone/Together”.


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