Painting with Body Parts #25: For my Besties Edition

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I made three paintings this week following an experiment in paint-pouring that worked out quite well.

I didn’t focus on the fetish aspects this time around. Just didn’t feel like it, but it gave me a lot of ideas on how to even more creatively appease my wet and messy paint fetish in the future… hopefully near future.

The pink and greenish ones were poured… while the bluish one was more… dabbed. Basically, some paint from another pour dripped all over my painting “blanket”, so I grabbed a canvas and smooshed it right into the dripped paint. Waste not, want not. The results were really pretty!

I made these for hubs, and my two best buddies who have been asking for titty paintings for months. I tend to procrastinate a tonne and I am really quite possessive over my paintings and have trouble parting with them (it’s an ego thing), but I bit the bullet, and tried something new to boot!

I am happy I did because I haven’t been feeling extremely inspired lately.

But in the wake of my experiment, I have a renewed enthusiasm for painting… because it really was starting to wane. I have been feeling up and down emotionally, and I also needed a new challenge, and luckily found one: use an established abstract painting technique, and put more thought into composition. This is feasible!

Most of my past paintings were more a spontaneous unloading of colour-infused energy. Now I think I need to be a bit more calculated to take it to the next level. I am excited again.

Also of note, I picked up the pencil this week! After over a month. I only crappily sketched a turtle, but it is a start. I feel almost as if a part of me is waking up again, but I didn’t realize I had even fallen asleep.

It feels good.


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