Painting with Body Parts #27: Butterfly Bum Edition

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It has been a while since I used my behind as a paintbrush (or canvas… now that I think about it). The reason being that it is a challenge to paint my own ass. It requires a lot of overextended postures that are probably not in the best interests of my back, but it sure is a tonne of fun.

If you ever want to try it, the trick is… use your hands if you are alone. If you have a partner handy, ask them to paint you. That could be delightful because you won’t have to contort your body into an awkward position and it could lead to other pleasantries of a sensual or sexual nature… which may or may not include contorting your body into awkward positions… but I digress.

I had experimented with string-pulling through paint and it backfired, so I scraped all the paint off of the canvas. The result of which looked pretty cool so I used it as a background for an imprint of my golden behind.

Then I ejaculated neon paint all over it. This is how I compensate for not having a penis. Freud would have a ball with that one….

So it can either look like a throng of gangbanging pixies from another dimension came all over my ass… or like I fart rainbows or like my ass sprouted butterfly wings. Or something completely different.

Maybe I can call it “Neon Pixie Gangbang” or “Butterfly Bum”. Any ideas? I am fucking weird.


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