Painting with Body Parts #29: Dream Lover Edition

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This is my best painting yet, I think. The acrylic pour I did as the base really turned out lovely with the colours I selected. It also dried relatively nicely… which is iffy with acrylic as I have been learning. It can shrink and crack. There is a bit of crackage on the paint but not too much that it ruins the painting.

I think I need more paint to keep the surface smooth and lacquer-like. I will keep this in mind for future projects.

I will need to buy more paint. Again…. Heck, maybe a paint company or an art store should give me free paint and pay me for using my boobies to sell their product. I am not ashamed to use sex to sell… it works, doesn’t it?

Anyhoo, I call this “Dream Lover” because that’s what it feels like, like two lovers making it in the clouds… or another dimension.

Ever want to jump into a painting? I experienced that feeling with Monet’s gigantic Water Lilies… I wanted to swim in it. It was so tempting to become a part of it and disappear from this realm. Feeling the same thing with this one… not that my paintings could ever compare to that of the great masters, but you know what I mean.

Aside: I finally bought a sealant and will finish every painting I have done since March, which is quite a few. Hope I don’t asphyxiate on the fumes… but if I do, I hope I at least hallucinate to make inhaling chemicals worth the brain damage.


20 thoughts on “Painting with Body Parts #29: Dream Lover Edition

  1. I see a lot of sperm! Pink sperm to go with the usual white. No wonder you run out of paint having to cover those ample…brushes! 🀀 On a slightly less sexual note, how do you clean up? Any chance of a photo tutorial? Okay maybe not less sexual!


    1. Yeah there are always a bunch of sperm in the paint ejaculate lol How appropriate! Clean-up is my least favourite part actually. Not sexy at all. Just lots of scrubbing and eye-rolling. I get paint in places no person should…. Glad you dig the sperm! 😘😘😘

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  2. Nice, very esthetically pleasing and soothing combo of colors (and your boob too of course πŸ˜‹). I would hang a painting like this in our bedroom.

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