Painting with Body Parts #30: Poppies Edition

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As it is summer, I use my balcony a lot. It is pretty high up which provides a nice view of part of my city and also affords me a fair amount of privacy. Our balcony is angled in such a way that half is obscured from *(almost) anyone else’s view.

I started to do my art on my balcony because weather permits me to do so and I like seeing the sky, the moon and the four stars (Sirius is one of them, I believe) that manage to push through all of the light pollution. Also… I am getting messier… so it is better to keep the mess outside, I guess.

I don’t know why I choose certain colours, but I felt I had been neglecting red. It isn’t one of my favourite colours, which is why I avoid it. I do the same with yellow because something about that colour activates annoyance in me, but it has gotten better over years as I have managed to convince myself that not all shades of yellow need to be expunged. The hate was real… and completely inexplicable. Ever feel that way about a colour?

Gold, hot pink and black seemed like fitting companions for the red. The colours seem to complement one another. Sweet.

As for the one-boob thing, I am not trying to tease and be enticing, I just felt a tad too exposed being completely topless. This was my happy medium. But eventually, I won’t care. So if you are one of my neighbours (though I seriously hope that you are not, Dear Reader), you’re welcome, I suppose. 🀣

This is simply called, “Poppies” because that’s what it looks like.

*I actually almost got caught masturbating on my balcony because I didn’t notice two people chatting while leaning over their own balcony a couple floors above me. If people did that more… they would definitely find themselves privy to some rather naughty activities. Anyway, I think I scrambled out of the way fast enough… it was kind of a turn-on… not gonna lie.


11 thoughts on “Painting with Body Parts #30: Poppies Edition

  1. Aside from the pleasure of seeing your beautiful breasts, it’s a pleasure, too, to see your paintings that kind of remind me of Jackson Pollock. And no, we live too far from each other to be neighbors πŸ˜‰ I love what you do and how you are. To be free and to express yourself without taboo. I am happy for you that you have many fans, of which I am.

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