“It Bites!”: A Sexy Horror Story


I wrote this story in late 2017. I don’t dare call it eroticamaybe “horrotica”. Regardless of genre, it was a blast to write, and I wrote and edited the whole thing over the course of several bus rides to and from work. This is definitely a story in need of illustration…. I hope you like it. And FYI, it gets bloody… and things get... severed. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.


Ronan’s gaze travelled slowly up Vee’s legs, and he wished his tongue were doing the same thing. She had some deliciously ample curves, and he could not wait to see all of them in motion that night. He had an appetite for virgins. He only liked to fuck the previously unfucked. His dick jerked of its own accord at the thought of earning himself another maidenhead. This would be #36… that year alone. He was a veritable manwhore. He had no shame. Fucking was the only thing worth living for in his mind.

Vee’s denim cutoffs rode up her round ass every time she leaned over the hood of the car to pass the squigee. She was completely oblivious to the lascivious leanings of Ronan’s thoughts at that moment; he was almost in a tantric state watching her complete the mundane task of cleaning the windshield. If she continued, he would have blown a load in his pants without any contact. Just the tightness of his swelling cock against his jeans was enough. “How much longer of a drive is it to the camp, Ro?” Vee asked as she placed the squigee back into the bucket of dirty water. Ronan was still imagining Vee’s ass on his face. “Uh… about another hour, baby.” He took his eyes off of her booty to look into her eyes. Nice guy.

She noticed that he was staring intently at her behind, and she felt flattered. Her face flushed at the thought of Ronan enjoying what he saw. But she felt a strange sensation in her pussy. It felt like a pinch, not altogether unpleasant, but definitely out of the ordinary. She assumed that it was what the beginnings of sexual arousal. She was not entirely wrong. She was also nervous about being alone with him. But the nerves had nothing to do with the possibility of first-time sex; it was something she couldn’t quite put her finger on. She shook it off as she and Ronan got back into his car.

“Hey baby, why don’t you… relax a bit? Let me take care of you.” Ronan drawled as he grabbed Vee’s knee and inched his hand up her soft thigh. He didn’t look at her once; his eyes were glued to the road but he was smirking. Vee bit her lip as she glanced at him reluctantly. “Ummm… I… er….” Ronan could tell that she wasn’t into it so he moved his hand back to her knee. “No worries, Vee. I don’t want to make you uncomfortable.” He smiled at her with seemingly sincere warmth. Relieved that he wasn’t upset, she smiled back. Ronan could wait. But not indefinitely.

They arrived at a parking lot next to the trailhead. Ronan and Vee went to the back of the car to get their packs. As Vee leaned in to grab hers, Ronan spun her around to face him. The element of surprise had her laughing. He took a moment to admire her delicate features and how brightly they lit up when she smiled. “Don’t fall for her, you idiot. Do what you need to do and move on,” he thought to himself.

It was against his code to fall in love with a conquest. But Vee was so gentle, sweet and thoughtful, he could easily fall for her. She kind of made him feel… good… about… life. The intensity of his gaze made Vee stop laughing. She looked down after a moment. Ronan brought his hand to her chin and lifted her face back up. He traced her button lip with his thumb. Before he could kiss her, she had his thumb caught between her teeth. He was so caught off guard, he just stared at her in shock. She started giggling and released his thumb. He covered her lips with his, and slipped his tongue into her mouth.

“Mmm… you taste good, trouble-maker.” Ronan moaned as he twirled his tongue around hers. Vee wrapped her leg around Ronan’s, and dug her nails into his back.

“Jesus, ouch!! Girl, be careful!” yelped Ronan as he jumped backwards.

“Oh, I’m so sorry, Ro! Umm, it’s just that it felt really good when you…” Ronan shook his head and cut Vee off, “I’m ok, Vee. You just surprised me, is all” Ronan helped Vee put on her pack. When she helped Ronan put his on, she did not notice how he winced once the bag was in full contact with his back. “Damn. That really fucking stung,” thought Ronan about the scratch.

After a half hour hike through the woods, Ronan and Vee settled on a spot beside a brook that was scarcely a foot deep. The location was isolated, yet idyllic. The woods were alive with lush verdure and wild flowers in every imaginable colour. Ronan was pleased when he saw a smile spread over Vee’s face.

“It is gonna happen tonight for sure,” he thought excitedly to himself. Even in such a remote location, rape never occurred to Ronan; he wasn’t about that. He wanted his conquests wet with anticipation for him. They made for a much better lay when willing.

After setting up the tent and lighting a small bonfire, Ronan took out his fishing rod and baited his hook with a squirming red worm he found under a nearby rock. With expert skill, he proceeded to pull out several healthy-sized rainbow trout from the brook. Vee was transfixed by the veins protruding out of Ronan’s arms as he maneuvered his rod. She became inexplicably thirsty and wondered where else he had such tasty-looking veins. Vee shook her head at the bizarre thoughts she was having.

Absently, she picked up one of the now-dead fish. She slowly brought it up to her nose and took a sniff. Her eyes rolled back as she sunk her teeth into the flesh of the trout’s underbelly, tasting an explosion of warm viscous metallic liquid. A thread of blood unfurled down her chin.

“Vee!! What the fuck are you doing?!?” Ronan ripped the fish from her hands and threw it back into the water. Vee’s face and hands were covered in fish guts. She was very confused and had no idea why Ronan was so upset until she looked at her hands and realized what she had done.

“Did I just…? Hahaha! I must be really hungry.” Said Vee uneasily. She knew it was fucking weird and had no valid excuse for her behaviour. The pinching feeling in her loins returned. She pressed her legs together as she stared at Ronan’s crotch, licking the glistening fish scales from her lips.

Ronan couldn’t get the image of Vee feasting on the dead fish out of his head. It was so animalistic. It went against everything he thought he knew about her. There was something nonvirginal and aggressive about her demeanor in that moment, and frankly, it frightened him. Many things about Vee were starting to frighten him. He was watching Vee cook at the camp fire and quickly forgot his discomfort when he saw her squeeze a lime over the trout.

“Only Vee would think of bringing limes on a camping trip,” he thought. He shook himself out of his reverie by imagining himself peeling Vee’s clothing off one piece at a time under the light of the full moon.

A couple of hours and several ‘Smores later, Ronan finally found himself flicking his tongue against Vee’s nipples. He positioned himself over her so that her legs encircled his hips. Though they were still mostly clothed, Ronan could feel the warmth emanating from Vee’s pussy. She could feel his hardness push against her softness, and she groaned in ecstasy. Her mouth issued a grunt not entirely human, which caught Ronan off-guard. He paused for a moment to look at Vee, but she was somewhere else. He never knew a virgin who was able to give herself over to pleasure quite like Vee was in that moment. Before he knew what was happening, Vee had unexpectedly flipped Ronan onto his back so that she was straddling him. Her eyes burned into his as she deftly unbuckled his belt and tore it out of the loops.

“Don’t you want me to at least go down on you, baby?” Vee just looked at him and smiled. “Don’t move” was all she said as she slid off of him and sauntered over to her bag. Ronan’s eyes followed her luscious ass there and back. He was so hard it was almost painful. She had held a rope in her hands. Vee did not really know what she was going to do with it; she was just going with her instincts, and her instincts were telling her to neutralize her prey. That curious pinching feeling returned full force, causing her to shiver visibly.

“Oooh! This is… interesting… ummm… are you sure you’re a virgin?” He laughed as a trickle of sweat made its way down his face. All of Ronan’s fears, which he tried to ignore earlier, began to resurface the moment Vee had him tied at the wrists, the rope secured around a metal stake that now impaled the cold ground.

“I just want to feel you inside of me,” said Vee as she leaned over and licked the sweat from Ronan’s face. He felt her hand grab his dick. He threw his head back and moaned loudly. She repositioned herself so that she was squatting above him, the tip of his cock nestled between the soft folds of her labia majora. “Jesus fuuuck….” Ronan growled.

“You’re all mine,” rasped Vee as she slowly lowered herself onto Ronan, burying his cock deep inside of her. She started to roll her hips as she grabbed her own breasts, staring deeply into Ronan’s eyes. Vee grunted and started to move faster.

“Baby, you’re so hot” said Ronan as he dug his fingers into her hips. Then he began to scream. Vee didn’t even hear him for her ears were flooded with the sounds of her own vast pleasure.

Vee could register the terror in Ronan’s eyes, but she didn’t react. She ground down on him even harder. Ronan looked down towards the source of this excruciating torture, and saw blood streaming out from where they were joined.

“Get the fuck off of me, you crazy bitch!” he cried through anguished screams. The blood started to flow even more profusely from their genitals. Ronan couldn’t even summon the will to continue screaming. He felt sharp teeth crunch down on his penis. He spewed out one last obscenity then he became very quiet and still the moment Vee’s vagina severed and consumed the last of his once-stiff manhood. She arched her back and reached her climax as the light left Ronan’s glassy eyes.

A pool of blood started to congeal around the contours of Ronan’s lifeless body. Vee lifted herself off of her prey and lowered her mouth to where his cock once was, and lapped up the blood.

“Mmm… so that is what all the fuss is about,” mused Vee to herself as she stood up and made her way to the brook to clean herself off.

The End?

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