Painting with Body Parts #31: En Plein Air Edition

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I did an acrylic paint pour over my breasts last week, and it was tremendously satisfying and healing.

You can see my gif here if you haven’t already.

The painting turned out well enough, but it totally looks like twig and berries when you flip it upside down; this effect was unintentional, but nevertheless amusing and delightfully synchronistic. I guess it’s appropriate: right side up for the feminine, and upside down for the masculine. Spirit works in weird ways.

The background is not very complex because I actually repurposed an older painting from the Spring that I never really liked, and painted over it in black. This new painting is way better than the one it is covering.

I am very happy that I stripped down to do this. It was a loving and beautiful experience I may never forget. I must do it again before Summer ends.


18 thoughts on “Painting with Body Parts #31: En Plein Air Edition

  1. good godโ€ฆ.. such gorgeous pics ๐Ÿ˜ makes me want to try it for myselfโ€ฆ but I wonder if Iโ€™d like watching more than playing ๐Ÿค” mmmm โ€“ now THEREโ€™s an idea.

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  2. I have to agree, I too find it tremendously satisfying.
    Please do it again, oh pretty please
    And thank you as ever for sharing your magnificent body and mind…..

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