Maestro, Muse, Masterpiece

Erotic Poetry, Weird Poetry

Each day is a waiting canvas

Upon which I enact the roles

Of Maestro, Muse and Masterpiece,

All three

At once.

The Maestro in his masculine power,

All dynamism and fire,

All palette, paintbrush and brush stroke,

Becomes catalyzed by the divine whisperings and Aeolian caresses

Gifted by the Muse,

Who bleeds feminine enigma and goddess nectar

Down his ear canal,

Into his blood stream,

To the core of his galactic soul,

All over their altar of shared creation.

Together they meld and melt into the other and the aether

And bring forth a masterpiece

Of divine eternal union




And infinite

In its sublime grandeur.

All of this

Inside of Me.


12 thoughts on “Maestro, Muse, Masterpiece

  1. Beautiful writing Empress

    Today I feel like:
    β€œGifted by the muse, who bleeds feminine enigma and goddess nectar down my ear canal”
    I love where your hand is going in the pics
    Yum yum

    Liked by 1 person

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