Mess (contains a BOSS gif)

Erotic Poetry

I want to spray the walls

The floors

All surfaces

Within an 11 kilometre radius

With paint

And cum

And moon blood

Get the fuck outta the way

If you don’t want to get soaked

*This gif is from a solo acrylic paint-pouring mess I enjoyed last night in my serene little outdoor art space. A mini mess… A very controlled messbut still a satisfying mess. Sadly I couldn’t take too much time… the sun is setting earlier every day now….


17 thoughts on “Mess (contains a BOSS gif)

    1. Merci 😊. It was a fleeting but very exciting little moment. I should challenge myself to enjoy the mess for longer… get really messy… but I am not there yet. One day… 🌈💦

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  1. I love the hot pink. Captivating.

    Have you heard the song “my vagina is 8 miles wide”. What you wrote reminded me of that song. It’s hysterical.

    Keep being you. I celebrate you!! 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽🥰🤗❣️

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