Ben-Wa Balls: Cleaning House Just Got Way More Fun


I bought some Ben-Wa balls from Amazon last week. I have been curious about them for a little while, about yoni eggs as well, and I finally went for it… to mark the end of summer and a new contract at work; I like to justify my self-indulgent purchases to stave off inevitable guilt… but I digress.

What better way to celebrate than to stick new foreign objects — that vibrate! — up my nether regions?!? I know I may have been jumping the gun by going straight for the vibrating variety, but I figured I can still wear them as is if I don’t feel like the using the vibe function.

But why would I go and do a thing like that?

I have already worn them a few times. The first time was in the bath… which confirms that they are indeed waterproof.

Now. Let me just say that though they did not make me climax (wasn’t expecting them to, to be honest), they definitely woke something up in my sacral area. All of a sudden, all of my attention was turned to the inner landscape of my pussy. I could feel my insides very acutely.

I spent a lot of time with my eyes rolling into the back of my head, moaning my surprise and enjoyment… and slight trepidation at the feeling of these saucy little balls of joy undulating within my own enigmatic sex. It was almost mystical, due in part to the novelty of the experience. But also because of the release of energies lying long dormant within me. It brought me to tears… so I cried. A lot. But a good cry, a purge-y cry. I felt all cleaned out afterwards.

I may seem like an overtly sexual person, but really… I repress a lot. I hide a lot… but I am coming out now. I am starting to spill out, overflow, splash and spray.

It’s scary.

But I found a way to engage my fun side on this rather daunting exploration of my sexuality. I decided to wear my new toy while cleaning my home. As my family was out, I took the opportunity to enjoy some midday nudity because being naked really makes me feel happy and light. When I strip, it is almost like I strip all of my worries and anxiety as well. Needless to say, I spend a lot more time in the nude or very scantily clad (at home!).

Anyhoo, I lubed up my toy and my pussy, and inserted it nice and slow. It always feel so fucking good that moment when my cunt grabs hold of the toy and basically pulls it right in. What an insanely satisfying sensation.

I grabbed my little remote, picked a setting and started to clean. Well. What a grand idea this was! Every time I bent over, the balls would push against my g-spot. Needless to say, I spent a lot of time bending over… ahem.

Overall, I am deriving a tonne of fun from my brand new pair of balls!

Stay tuned for more adventures with sex toys!


12 thoughts on “Ben-Wa Balls: Cleaning House Just Got Way More Fun

  1. Good for you TJ, I hope you will enjoy it and that you will find the way to the big O hands-free 😀.
    And I agree about the liberating feeling that comes from going around nude, at home and especially outdoors if possible. My Wife and I both like it, but I am naked more often than Her. It can also be very convenient if you know what I mean 😁.

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  2. I like that moment….when my ass grabs my toy, and sucks it right in. It is an incredible experience….your body craving something so much that it takes over and gets what it needs.

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