Painting with Body Parts #33: “Carried Away” Edition

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The song “Carried Away” by Passion Pit was playing as I made this painting.

I truly did feel carried away in the sensual experience of it all. The act of my version of painting; the setting sun and fading light; the hermit thrush bidding adieu to the waning daylight from deep within the woods; the trees that stood sentinel around me as I played and made a mess like a big little kid.

The paint was so smooth and cool and viscous on my sun-kissed skin. It felt like chilled melting butter. Or a lapping galactic tongue leaving behind a constellation of colour on my summer-ripened body.

I am going to miss these dog days, this Sirian soul haze that has descended upon me this summer. But it is up to me to rise my own sun from within my core. To find and capture the light that I see setting in the distance… before it dips below the horizon and drags down all of the warmth and heat with it.

It is my divine employ to be a keeper of the light gifted to me.

What a task that will be….


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