21 thoughts on “Paint Date (gif)

  1. This Empress deserves much more than self worship. And then again… And again… Not that there is anything wrong with self worshipping this gorgeous body 😀

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    1. I fantasize about being worshipped, caressed, licked and kissed head to toe by a throng a men as I devour a beautiful woman’s pussy, making her cum over and over again. What dreams may cum….

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      1. I believe you. And now you made fantasize about me being that man and that woman being my Wife… And later about both of you having your ways with me in any way you two desire…. Ugh, I have stop this. 🤗

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      2. Yes Ma’am, will do so in the evening. But I promised to pedicure Her feet first, hopefully She will want more than just Her feet to be worshipped, but I am looking forward to pampering Her feet anyway, it’s always my pleasure…

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      3. Thank you TJ 😊. I consider myself lucky above all. Sometimes when we cuddle and compliment each other after sex (and Her orgasm, rarely my own) we tell exactly this to each other. And then (with a naughty twist to Her voice) She likes to tell me that I better obey Her always and how I need a strict Woman’s hand and pushes my head back between Her thighs… and I am in heaven. I cannot tell you how much I enjoy pleasuring Her, I think I could never tire of kissing, licking, tasting Her. And just writing this makes me fully erect. I am very horny these days and I really need to stop now. Over and out (for now 😋).

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      4. I would be lying if I said I was sorry 😋. But seriously, I thought you had a pussy-worshipper right there at home. Not a sub, obviously, but aren’t all (well, most) horny guys crazy about going down on their woman’s gate to heaven? Yes, I sure am, I am an addict, there is no better word to describe it. I have always been like this with every woman I was (very few), it has nothing to do with my craving to be sexually dominated and owned by my Wife, this is more recent. Pussies (not just my Wife’s) are… just wonderful. 😋😋

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      5. Very hot TJ, I can tell that you are 😉. There is nobody sexier in the world than a wanton Woman who is not shy to let it show, who is very demanding, but who also shows Her appreciation for the guy’s enthusiasm and performance. Only if truly deserved of course, I want to be told if/when I perform subpar, in bed or otherwise, and I am certainly far from perfect.
        I have little desire to Dom my Wife, I am a natural sub, but I wouldn’t mind an ocassional role reversal if She wanted it. However, not many chances for that. My dear Wife, who has always been a bit bossy and sexually quite agressive (although initially conservative in sexual practices – and very shy to talk about it), exceedingly rarely demands to be taken and fucked roughly, apart from that She is definitely not a submissive type and She refuses all my attempts that hint at me domming Her (which is perfectly fine with me).


      6. Haha! Good for her! I like a bit of both. I like to be dominated in bed for sure. But I also like to call the shots from time to time. My potential either way is still in the process of being discovered. 😊

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      7. Good for you TJ.
        I used to think that all (most?) women actually enjoyed to be dominated in bed, to be “taken” in sex. You know, in the sense that women generally speaking “give” it (or not), but boys “take” it if they are real men (talking about stereotypes…). Sometimes I still worry that my Wife is missing on this. She didn’t object to me leading (back in the old vanilla days), I would sometimes really take Her for my own pleasure and She would always give it (unless She was really pissed off with me). Don’t get me wrong, I always cared a lot about Her sexual needs, but occasionally I just wanted to fuck Her quickly first and empty my balls and She didn’t object and even liked it. Now, however… Even when I nominally “take Her roughly” and fuck Her brains out (because She wants it) with my dick (kind of difficult, I am rather small) or with much larger vibrating dildos, She’s calling the shots.

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