The Last Days of Summer


A couple of weekends ago, I went to my secret little grotto, surrounded by my tree lovers.

They watched. I played.

The sun and I made love on a moss bed… and a little spider wanted to join. That kinda ruined the mood… lol

This moment will balm my soul today.


10 thoughts on “The Last Days of Summer

      1. That place looks like a perfect secluded spot for outdoor worshipping of the Empress where you could scream all you wanted. My Wife is quite a screamer and when we get a chance, we look for spots just like that, off the beaten track, with little chance (but not totally impossible – it adds to the excitement) to be walked on or heard/seen. Have you ever done it?

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      2. I have definitely masturbated in that space and came pretty hard. As for sex… not always possible due to… circumstances. But yes… I have enjoyed myself in that quiet spot before. 💋💋💋

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