Erotic Tale #3: Virtual Masturbation Party

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She was writhing and moaning as she held her clit sucker up against her pulsating pearl. She knew they were watching her from her open Skype app. It made her nervous, but also exceedingly aroused. She tried not to dwell on what she looked like in that moment or the animalistic grunts emitting from her salivating mouth. She was trying to focus on the bliss she was experiencing from her toy and from the building anticipation of her inevitably volcanic climax.

She glanced over at the screen and could see them each jacking or jilling their respective genitalia. She could hear their exclamations of arousal, and it fueled her, bringing her closer and closer to the edge.

She heard them cheering her on, “Yes, TJ. Cum for us.” “Get that cum, Empress!” She could also hear the wet frenzied sounds of his hand moving up and down his considerable length, and the buzz of the other female’s vibrator. They were getting close as well, and she wasn’t sure if she could hold back any longer.

She felt herself approaching the crest of her gargantuan pleasure as she panted closer and closer to completion.

“Oh gawwwd! Oh fuuuuck!” She growled. “Yes! Go for it. You’re so fucking hot!” She heard him say in between her own moans. The other girl was very much in her own zone as she was practically speaking in tongues.

Then before she knew it, her orgasm ripped through her like a tornado, sending her into a violent state of barely controlled screams of terrifying pleasure. Nectar blasted out her like a geyser. She released her clit sucker, now dripping with her ample juices, and she began to cry softly. She was not even aware that her audience/masturbation mates were also releasing their own theatrical orgasms. She caressed her heaving breasts as she turned to her virtual fuck friends.

“Oh, you guys always encourage me to be my best self,” she rasped as she caught her breath and pushed her tears away. They all giggled and issued their hasty goodbyes as they embarked on the rest of their days, each one hundreds, if not thousands, of miles away from the other. Separated by vast distances, but joined by deep mutual attraction… and cum.


*I have no clue if you can actually have a Skype video conference with multiple people. Maybe I should find out… but what a delicious fantasy. This sounds like a great way to start the day! Anyone ever do this?

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