Erotic Tale #4: Surrounded

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She lay on the bed, not a stitch of clothing on her. She was lost in a maelstrom of orgasmic bliss as she played with her slippery pussy, and squeezed her pert nipples. She was not entirely aware of the throng of men surrounding the bed, each one fully clothed save for their exposed, turgid cocks, which they were all working up and down, up and down, as if in a barely controlled state. They were grunting, moaning, growling their respective pleasure. One guy kept ordering her to stick her fingers in her moist cunt. Sometimes she would oblige; other times… no.

This was their privilege. To see her come undone before them. An absolute mess. A true cum slut in her element. But not their cum slut; rather, her own.

She knew they wanted to possess her, to covet her body, to enter all of her orofices, to coat her in their semen and mark her as their territory. But the rule was no touching anything other than their own members. No possession allowed. Not a fucking chance.

As she began to approach her climax, which was obvious by her increasingly desperate whimpers, each man began to fire off rope after rope of hot viscous spunk upon her body. Ok, so maybe their man-milk could touch her; every other part of them was strictly verboten.

After she came, she rubbed the collective pool of cum all over her writhing, glistening body, giggling like a naughty little school girl playing with glue.

Then she ordered them all to leave her alone so she could have more fun… all by herself… with her toys and her savagely tainted imagination.

She didn’t really need them there anyway, but it was a thrill just the same to tease and torment, and dangle without feeling the need or desire to deliver a single thing.


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