I don’t take many profile photos.

I prefer seeing myself straight on

Or from behind.

Seeing myself from the side is less than my favourite.

It’s the belly.

It’s the insecurity.

Which tends to show more when I am viewed, by myself or others, in profile.

You might be able to sense my discomfort from this vantage point.

My muscles in my neck, shoulders and chest are tense.

I am not liking taking this photo.

But I take it anyway because I need to see myself,

All of myself,

And not just the good angles.

And it really isn’t a terrible photo.

I look quite nice.

I love the look of my thigh and my ass.

And how my upper abdominals are quite flat and defined.

See? I can find beauty in an angle I avoid.

Maybe I should stop avoiding

And just see what is really there.

Maybe even look beyond the physical

And see the real Empress inside of me.


21 thoughts on “Profile

  1. Well! As an older woman I agree! It’s hard to look at yourself and when it’s not perfection ie like the photoshopped models to become self concious and super critical. But, in my humble opinion it looks pretty good…bloody good actually! Nice tummy! Beautiful boobs! A little lower belly looks sexier than a flat one! Just my opinion.

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  2. my god you’re beautiful. Every bit. It’s not just your body. (Though certainly that too.) it’s also your mind and your personality, the way you carry yourself. But I’m not gonna lie and say that your body isn’t damn sexy. Because, um, look at it! 🔥🔥

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  3. For one thing, you have awesome womanly curves. I appreciate you not only letting your fans appreciate them along with you, but the courage it takes to show a vulnerable aspect for you. Bravo.

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      1. Well if you’re online talking about vulnerability you’re ahead of the crowd. If you’re SHOWING the vulnerability you’re talking about you’re ahead of the… planet?

        You’ve now OWNED your vulnerability.

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