Oh I love wearing stockings.

They make me feel wild and powerful.

And carnal.

And wanton.

And abundantly creative and life-giving.

And oddly… tall.

Which is strange because I am not tall in the least.

It’s like they were meant to be worn while towering over someone;

Before fixing to squat over a desperately thirsty face.

I will let you finish that errant thought…

Because I’m not sure I want to…

Or do I?

Maybe I will finish that thought…

In private.

Because some thoughts, fantasies, or whatever

Are way hotter when lusted after in secret.


11 thoughts on “Stockings

  1. Nice TJ, you do look carnal and wanton, lol. I love stockings too or more precisely, I love what’s in them, 😀. I enjoy kissing, caressing and worshipping my Wife’s toes and feet while She’s still wearing them, right after I took Her heels off and before I move higher up Her calves and thighs and She lets me peel them off carefully (it can lead to sex, but it’s up to Her).
    Shapely female feet are my oldest fetish, going back to my early adolescence. I hand-wash my Wife’s stockings, along with Her bras and delicate panties and then hang them to dry, every single day, except when She doesn’t wear them. For me it’s an act of devotion and submission to Her (which turns me on) and She’s not complaining, obviously.

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  2. some have written some of my thoughts. Beautiful legs encased in lovely stockings.
    my dream is having You squat over my desperately thirsty face. maybe i should stop now and just let my fantasy ramble on and on

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