Erotic Tale #6: The Tree Hugger

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***Contains an exploration of dendrophilia… so if sexual perversion isn’t your thing, perhaps skip this one.***

She was vibrating with an intense longing and anticipation. She couldn’t wait another second, as it was her ritual every time they arrived at the cabin. She would unpack everything in a reverent silence, get her family settled and distracted, then she would vanish like a wraithe out the back door and start running towards her tree, regardless of how much light had already receded from the sky at that time of year. She didn’t bother with a flashlight; she didn’t need one as she felt an undeniable pull from the Branchéd One waiting for her deep in the forest.

Nothing could breach the connection. Nothing could interrupt the magnetic tie that had been forging between her and this one tree over the last two years since they bought the property.

When she arrived, with wild eyes reflecting the October moonlight, she threw herself around the trunk and pressed her cheek into the rough bark. She stayed like that for a moment, breathing in its comforting mossy scent.

“I’ve missed you so,” she whispered as her hands caressed her sacred tree. She almost felt it… him… saying it back as waves of warmth spread outwards from her heart to her extremities.

She rubbed her nose gently across the bark, now catching the scent of sap. Normally, it would make her smile and hug him harder. But this time was different. She felt a delicious clenching in her nether regions, and felt that little pebble of pleasure start to pulsate between her legs.

She brushed her lips across the fissures, and planted a lingering kiss as she pushed her leggings and thong down. The hand not tracing the cleft in the trunk was travelling towards her pussy which was slick with arousal. Her fingers found her seeping entrance and started to plunge achingly slowly in and out, teasing her own self as she breathed him in, her steadfast tree, hard and erect, like a phallus rising out of the soil beneath her bare feet.

“This is ok, isn’t it?” she whispered as she gyrated her pelvis against the tree. She wasn’t sure if this silent being had given its consent to be ravished by her, but the sap that had started to dribble out of its trunk told her is was more than ok for her to explore and enjoy herself upon this most perfect of wooded giants.

She felt her cunt start to throb with the quickening approach of her climax. She could taste the sap upon her lips as she cried out her pleasure and rode her tree until she crumbled to the ground in a fit of tears.

“Thank you, my dearest, for grounding me and delighting me. It has been such a rough week,” she whimpered with a smile as she picked herself up off the ground.

She pressed her forehead against him once more and closed her eyes in gratitude.

“Until next time…” she said as she turned to stumble back to the cabin, wholly sated, with branches, leaves, sap and moss adorning her hair and clothing, and a trail of salt brine streaming from between her shakey legs.


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