Painting with Body Parts #37: 80s Child Edition

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The colour combo makes me think of the 80s.

I was an 80s child.

I remember…

Saturday morning cartoons.

PeeWee Herman and Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood.

Beetlejuice and A Nightmare on Elm Street.

She-Ra and Hulk Hogan.

David Bowie… in spandex (mmm).

High-top turquoise chucks and Doc Martens.

Having crushes on so many boys,

But fooling around with girls.

Marrying a boy named John in his basement, surrounded by our friends from the block.

Feeling like a loser and a reject a lot of the time, but still having enough good memories to not be too fucked up as an adult.

Yeah. All that came up in my moment of 80s nostalgia.

More will inevitably come up, and it will leave me feeling a delightfully confusing mess of joy and sadness…

Just like every other time a wave of nostalgia knocks me off my feet.

I miss childhood. Adulting is boring.

I think my inner child has been trying to make a come-back… and I don’t pay enough attention.

Now! This is one way that I reconnect with the lost, lonely little child within. Getting messy. Giggling. And delighting in my senses, in novelty, in imagination, in all of the things adults take for granted… which is just about everything. Find your inner child, and have some fun. Again… or… maybe for the first time.

“Neon Nostalgia”.