Painting with Body Parts #39: Purple Nurple Edition

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I needed purple for this particular energetic composition.

I needed something to soothe my soul,

To scare off the demons,

And to awaken my curiosity;

Did you know that the colour purple doesn’t really exist?

Our mind invents it.

Just like it invents all other sorts of lies,

Like the following:

You are not good enough as you are.

That’s the worst one, that.

It bleeds into every aspect of one’s being.

It poisons all that it touches,

and turns it to gall.

It takes wild minds and souls,

And breaks them.

Makes them do all sorts of things

To hide,

To conform,

To change for others,

To fulfill obtuse and limiting definitions,

To fit into boxes.

Believing that lie is a losing battle.

The only lie you should believe

Is purple.


These paintings are not entirely art. Each one releases and brings to the surface an experience requiring further examination and a moment of compassion, forgiveness and unconditional love, for self and for all. I use my body as palette and paintbrush as it is the locale through which we experience our life and all of the thoughts, emotions and sensory phenomena that come with it.

I sometimes ask myself why I need to show my body to the world in this manner. I could give you some long-winded hippie dippie spiritual spiel, but I will spare you the boredom, and condense that answer into a single sentence: Because it is fun. When I dig deep, past my own self-judgment, that’s the long and short of it.


So, I call this “Purple Nurple” because it rhymes and I felt rhyme-y, and because aggressively twisting the nipples of those who pass judgment on others for being whoever or whatever they are seems amusing and satisfyingly sadistic without being overly cruel.

Hope it tickles you purple!


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