Spider in the Snow

Weird Poetry

I saw a spider in the snow this weekend,

And it was a little bit weird,

Like seeing someone drinking hot apple cider on a high summer day.

I kept wondering, “But, where are you going? Where will you take refuge from the real winter which hasn’t even started yet? Will you dig yourself under the snow, under the earth to sleep through the frigid dark months? Or will you… die alone… out here on some backwoods trail with no hope of shelter or survival, where not a single soul will know that you even existed?”

But I didn’t interfere,

Or try to rescue him;

Normally, I am a rescuer of spiders.

I cup and release them…

With no fear.

K, maybe a little fear,

But I try to save them.

I just like the terrifying little buggers.

But this guy was different.

I was told to leave him be…

He is stronger and more resourceful than he looks.

So I snapped a photo,

Wished him well,

And kept trudging up that silent backwoods trail,

Cheering him on in my head,

And wondering if we will ever meet again.


7 thoughts on “Spider in the Snow

  1. It looks soooooo cold where you are just now! It’s almost summer in our part of the world. I’m so scared of spiders! Any size! Rex has to be the hero and remove them! We have a rat in our ceiling just now. I hear it at night scurrying around. Poison doesn’t seem to work… love your posts!! !

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hahaha! We once lived in a place with rats or mice in the walls… or squirrels… now that I think about it. I like spiders a lot… but I don’t want to cuddle, ya know? Lol Thanks Naomi!

      And I couldn’t comment on one of yours and Rex’s last post, but you are stunning. Seriously. All octogenarians would be so lucky to have your genes. Goodness!


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