My New Toy


I bought myself an early Christmas gift.

Yes, it is supposed to look like a little light pink tentacle;

I may have mentioned a curiosity

With aliens and monsters…

In passing.

Truthfully, it looked even more tentacle-y in the picture,

But this one will do…

And has done already.

I like to rub it between my slippery saline folds,

Letting the rivets excite my flesh,

And that cute little node of sweet ecstacy.

Who would have ever thought rubbing a glass dildo on myself that way would feel every bit as good as a vibrator – a piece of machinery? Maybe better, even…

But it does.

Did you know that it is for anal stimulation?!?

So I have been practicing.

A little here,

A little there,


And pushing my limits,

But not too hard…

For I am delicate,

And my secret spot —

A shy sweet pursed little rosebud.

I have to be gentle…

And oh I can be…

Which is why I should be the one

To pop that particular cherry.

One day I will grant myself access

To places and spaces

Unknown and untapped,

And this toy will be my guide.

Maybe one day,

I will invite others to explore as well,

But for now…

Practice makes perfect.


31 thoughts on “My New Toy

  1. Very sexy post on a delicate journey. 🔥 I’m pretty active on DeviantArt and have noticed a fair amount of tentacle-themed and alien erotica. Ever given any thought to where this comes from or why it is an erotic hot button for you? If you have already written about it, can you share the link? Oh, and please keep us updated on this particular journey 😈

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      1. Especially after last night….a 2-1/4″ thick 10 inch dildo slid into me for 8 inches unimpeded. I love that full stretched out feeling.


      2. You can work up to it! In fact my used it on me again last night…..and gave me another inch more! I can almost take the entire length!


      3. The stretch feels incredibly intense and filling. I recommend warming it up before inserting unless you like that cool sensation. Once it invades beyond your rectum, that sensation is (to me) amazing! I know that soon…..very soon, after repeatedly stretching beyond my rectum that her hand will soon traverse the same path, hopefully leading to her entire forearm being inside my body. This is the only way she can penetrate me….and the feeling of coupling is similar to what she feels (emotionally) to me fucking her. It’s something every man should experience at least once.
        I haven’t yet cum from anal penetration, but I think it’s just because I’m overwhelmed by sensations. I do leak precum and when I tighten my pelvic floor muscles, precum flows freely from my cock. Its incredible! She slowly strokes me intermittently to get and keep me hard. Of course, I’m not allowed
        to cum until she says so. Pegging is just one more way to ensure I’m on the edge.
        I know pegging excites me because I get that rush from it, jittery, shaky and overall contentment during and after.
        A blowjob while pegging produces a large reward and if I ask her to, she will drop the entire load into my mouth. Yum! It’s a snowball moment for sure.
        It has taken me 6 years to progress to this size insertion, but the trip up to this point has been just as fun, pushing my boundaries, pushing her boundaries, and enjoying how she has embraced being the penetrator. We just like to fuck. It doesn’t matter who is the pitcher and who is the catcher. We just both thoroughly enjoy the act.


      1. Yes, I have seen that. I even shared a porn video with an anal hook… that was electrified. A little scary and humiliating but also kinda hot for those two exact reasons. I don’t think I want a hook up my arse though… not yet anyway. For now, I just like rubbing this thing on my lady bits. It also plunges in like butter…. But not anally… yet… lol Baby steps….

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  2. Love your writing and your blog. We need more people who are unabashed about who they are, what they want, and what they think. I hope your words and journey will help others to explore their own limits and find the tabooed joys that await them. Great writing!

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