I love making chocolate confections at Christmastime.

I put a lot of love into each batch,

And I wholeheartedly enjoy the candy-making process…

Maybe a little too much,

As my photos may suggest.

Singing Christmas carols (and fucking up the lyrics) while melting the dark chocolate in a bain marie.

Crushing candy canes with a hammer… which helps with holiday anxiety.

Chopping up Swiss milk chocolate to sprinkle on the melted dark chocolate spread cross parchment paper, along with the candy cane pieces and toasted pecans.

Then melting white chocolate to flick and splotch onto all of that layered sticky sweet deliciousness.

I always make sure to taste test the final product…

Which never ceases to make me

Groan with the kind of pleasure

Only a handmade chocolatey confection can.

***Taste-testing occurred only after the final product was made. No nipple or saliva was included in the featured chocolate bark.***

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and Happy New Year! 🍾πŸ₯‚


19 thoughts on “Chocolat

      1. See, I am the exact opposite. When im alone I am gross. I either lay on the couch in comfies or I work out. Then when he’s home, I’m all cute.

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      2. I usually do too, but sometimes its nice to just not give a fuck. When I work out, I couldn’t care less how I look. I just want to feel badass.

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