Erotic Poetry

My gaze is locked upon you

As you stroke yourself into frenzied tumescence.

I can hear you groan

And moan

And grovel

For a release

Only I can grant you…

If that is what I choose to do.

But I am in the mood to be entertained

By your delicious misery,

And will not be gifting you

With a single drop

Or trickle

Not even a bead

Of sweet relief

Which is really only one more gaze

One more whispered word

One more whimper




10 thoughts on “Gaze

  1. Oh yeah, very hot. I love it how you captured the reality of my sexual life. LOL! It is intoxicating to have this power, isn’t it?

    My releases are so fucking scarce!! I love/hate it and my Wife knows how to play me and I always come back for more tease and denial while I give everything for Her sexual bliss. She can be gentle and cruel, kind and unyielding, generous and demanding… But my releases are only Hers to give or deny.

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    1. Mmm… sounds delicious. This was more of a thought experiment. Sometimes I feel like this, other times I want to be made to yield. Every day I feel differently. I am glad you enjoyed it. 💋💋💋

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