Naughty or Nice

Erotic Short Stories & Vignettes

She crawled up the length of the bed, tore her glasses off, and stared deep into his smoldering dark eyes where she could see her own reflection:



Saliva-kissed blood red lips;

Star-bright icicle eyes;

“Have I been naughty or nice this year?” She asked with a feigned coyness only she could pull off.

“What do you think?” He replied, his words infused with a grin and an eye roll.

“Right…” she replied as she reached under the bed, pulling out a little many-tailed whip. “Better get crackin’ then… if you want to reformat me for next year…”.

His grin fell from his lips as he took the whip in his weathered hands,

“Assume the position,” was all he said as he hulked over her curvy little body, a body all sin and sweetness and everything in between.



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