Painting with Body Parts #45: The Land of the Dripping Moons Edition

erotic poetry, painting with body parts

Last week, I had a vision

Of dripping moons

Pouring painted viscous light onto the surface

Of a strange planet…

A planet where up is down

And down is up,

Where mountains are reversed caverns,

And dormant caves are soaring volcanoes teetering on total obliteration,

A planet that breathes

And bleeds

And crashes into itself

When all of the liquid moons are full.

Three moons dripping

Enigmatic utterings and illusions

Which burn up the moment they touch the skin of this living yearning planet.

Nothing stays hidden

Or forgotten

In the Land of the Dripping Moons

Where my skin is the surface

And my heart its burning spinning core.

“The Land of Dripping Moons”


8 thoughts on “Painting with Body Parts #45: The Land of the Dripping Moons Edition

  1. Vraiment très touchant, très émouvant, et si délicieusement troublant,

    J’ai pensé immédiatement à un fruit, un végétal, un élément Sacré de la Vie, tant de par le fait de la Nature, Sacrée, que par le fait de votre corps de Femme, en ce Féminin incarne à honorer et célébrer, avec Amour, de ma Chair, tout autant que de mon Désir,

    Ému, troublé, touché, Oui,

    J’ai parlé de votre travail à Louka, hier soir,

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    1. Yes… I feel the same connection between earth and flesh, the sacred and profane, the sacred feminine…. I’m happy that it came across and that people saw those connections. Thank you for kind words. ❤❤❤

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      1. I noticed other Synchronicity with another of your body paintings, another orange work where we can perfectly distinguish a gesture of painting which emphasizes the roundness of your belly and its roundness … it turns out that my fingers with the clay, I also made the same gesture on his belly and in the same place under the breasts …

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