She reclined against the craggy rocks

And inhaled the blue of the sky

Into the famished pores of her skin,

Feeling a pressure build

From within the deep well

Of the inpenetrable forest of her being.

When the sky finally surrendered the sun,

And cradled its reflective counterpart high above the earthly plains,

The dome of heaven found itself

Pregnant with stars and unseen celestial forces.

So she sipped once more from the light and dark above,

And set loose a geyser from between her solid, muscled legs,

Releasing entire frog ponds

From her insides.

She emptied flowing rivers and lakes from the bowl of her womb,

And exhaled algae, glimmering fish scales and water-smoothed stones.

She became everything for a split second

And embodied the Mother of All.

She flooded the world about her

In lily pads,

Second-hand moonlight,

And a laugh that devoured all barren voids,

Leaving nothing behind

But an abundance of spendour

On the dew-drenched rocks.



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