Painting with Body Parts #46: Moon-soaked Treescape

Art & Erotic Art, painting with body parts

I broke my slumber

On the underbelly of a dream

And found myself on a moon-soaked treescape

With little to do

Other than laugh

And laugh

And laugh

Until I too

Became one of the hilarious trees.

*** I am convinced that trees are all in on a big joke being played on the planet. They know exactly what’s what. I am convinced that they are enlightened beings. 100% convinced. ***


16 thoughts on “Painting with Body Parts #46: Moon-soaked Treescape

    1. Glad you like it. Thank you ❀❀❀

      I was leaning against a tree and looked up and was very captivated by the silhouette of the tree against the sky, and snapped a photo. Trees are very inspiring. 🌳🌳🌳

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