Earth Lover

Erotic Poetry, Weird Poetry

I can see the inaudible breathing of the Earth,

The ground rippling with slow rapid movement,

Birthing forth blades of grass

And fractaled purple blooms,

As I wrap my arms about your heaving mossy expanse.

With ear pressed to the vibrating ground,

And lips embracing the silty loam

Ensconcing my face,

I watch the persnickety red squirrels frolic

And fight for territory

As sunlight,

Like warm breath,

Whispers at my temple,

Licks me from shoulder to shoulder,

And tickles me

From spine to painted toe.

I feel my mind melding

With your organic sentience

And know that though I can’t hear

The chirps and howls of your sacred voice

Or look into your omniscient cloudscaped eyes,

That watch from beyond and within

The domed-firmament,

I feel you all around me

As I sink into your soil

And become the biomass

That ushers forth

All the new and reborn life

That you hold in store.


2 thoughts on “Earth Lover

    1. Funnily enough… not a fan of Spring lol Where I live, it is basically Winter Lite until mid-June. Ugh. But I like the birds and squirrels and greenery and whatnot. 👍👍👍

      Liked by 1 person

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